Nike Air Max Day /24

Nike Air Max Day /24

by Caio Nakane

VIGA brings its own version
from Nike for Air Max Day.

The brand's first customization project in this new stage of history.

Fulfilling the promise of questioning the conservative footwear market and offering releases with a modern and disruptive design, VIGA, led by Caio Nakane, presents reinterpreted versions of classics from the Air Max line to celebrate Air Max Day.

In 2020, Caio Nakane took over the creative direction of Cocker Shoes, a footwear brand that has been consolidating itself in the market with the aim of bringing classic and timeless models, under a modern perspective. Now, at a more mature moment in his career as a designer and artist, Nakane begins a new phase of business, in a solid but disruptive way, with VIGA emerging in this context.

Cocker Shoes by

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