A Nova Collab Cocker e Kidsuper Studios

The New Collab Cocker and Kidsuper Studios

by Cocker Shoes

This is a new chapter in the history of collaborations between Cocker and KidSuper Studios.

“The KidSuper Work Boots" were presented to the public at the penultimate edition of Paris Fashion Week and are part of the KidSuper Studios Spring 2023 collection.

The new boot was designed from a mix of materials, colors and textures, cuts and curves, characteristic of Colm Dillane's artistic identity in 3 colors: Brown, Blue and Green.


The mix of textures and the combination between tones is the key point of this collection, which features a camouflage pattern with nuances between textures of Nubuck, Suede and Fabric.

The result is a robust boot with all the elegance and Cocker quality, made for those who don't like to go unnoticed. “The KidSuper Work Boots" were designed to step with boldness and excellence.

The KidSuper Work Boots [Green] / Photo : Diogo Narita

Artist Whitfield Lovell in his East Village Studio / Photo: Mike Vitelli 

The KidSuper Work Boots [Blue] / Photo : Diogo Narita

Artists Judy Blum Reddy at her Soho Studio / Photo: Mike Vitelli

Colm Dillane

The passion, which began in high school with printed Che Guevara t-shirts for a project, has made Colm Dillane one of today's leading designers and a reference in the Streetwear movement.


With a strong hip-hop influence, the New York artist is the name behind KidSuper and now the first designer invited to co-sign a collection for Louis Vuitton in 2023.

For Dillane, everything is possible, and his creations come to life through exchanges and collaborations.

Discover the collection.

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